Wooden Beds in London

One of many services we provide is wooden bed construction across South London. We create beds from the finest wood and can range from Cedar and Pine to Birch, Ebony and Oak. Many of our customers have been incredibly happy with our constructions and we aim to have them last many decades, as well as be comfortable and great value for money!

What are my options for a wooden bed from South London Carpenters?

Every bed we make is tailored exactly to what you need it for! We’ve made sizes ranging from single beds to queen size beds, some with no sides at all, other with over-arching posts and boarding, creating a grand centre-piece!

When you speak to us about your bed, we’ll figure out with you exactly what you need from your bed, what style you’d like, how sturdy you’d like it, whether it needs any storage space and any other choices you might have for it!

What types of wood can you make my bed from?

There are a wide range of woods, here’s a list of them in order of our most recommended:

  • Oak - Probably the most popular type of wood to create furniture (and beds) from with good reason. Being easily available, strong and resistant to wear and warping, durable, easy to carve detailing into, and dyeable, Oak is always our favourite material to work with for these reasons. We can achieve almost anything required by our customers, apart from very specific requests.
  • Walnut - Always a favourite due to its look, colouring and workability. It has a strong durability while being easy to carve and dye, another great and cheaper alternative to an oak bed, this is one of the most popular woods to create beds from.
  • Teak - Another of the hardwoods that are durable and still quite cheap. Normally used for outdoor furniture due to its durability, It’s a good, cheaper alternative to Oak.
  • Cedar - This is usually used in outdoor furniture because it is very durable and versatile enough to create any shape required. It is also a fantastic thermal insulator as the wood boasts many small pockets of air between the grains, this means your bed will keep cool in the summer, keeping you comfortable.
  • Maple - While Maple is another hardwood which looks great and boasts strength, it is another that is incredibly resistant to carving, meaning we wouldn’t be able to create intricate detailing. Similar to Birch in many ways, but it can be dyed to create a richer, deeper colour.
  • Cherry - This is probably the best fruitwood to work with, it’s almost as strong and durable as Birch, but also is easy to carve, meaning it is great for intricate detailing.
  • Pine - This comes in white or yellow (which is any shade of tan), it is one of the more inexpensive woods to use which is good for those on a budget, however, as it is a softwood, it is common for pine to warp, shrink or swell.
  • Birch - As a hardwood, Birch is very resistant to warping and swelling, however, this also makes it difficult to create intricate detailing on. This wood is perfect for beds with clean, straight lines and a minimalist design.
  • Poplar - This is a very unique looking hardwood, with pink or green streaks running through the grain, creating an eye-pleasing look. It is a fairly weak hardwood, though this also makes it easier to carve into and work with. We normally recommend this for headboards and detailing as opposed to creating an entire bed from it.
  • Ebony - While this wood is beautiful, due to its grain and colour, while being strong, dense and easy to carve, it is quite rare, making it very expensive. While we can create beds made from Ebony, we’d normally recommend creating inlays or detailing with Ebony to save you money.
  • Mahogany - Mahogany is another hardwood that is resistant to warping, while also having a beautiful grain. It is also easy to carve making it one of our favourite woods to create beds from.
  • Rosewood - One of the best-looking woods out there, with deep, dark red and black grains, it’s also a strong hardwood, making it resistant to damage and warping, though it’s also fairly easy to carve. Normally used as a cover for wood lying underneath (a veneer), due to it being quite rare and expensive.

All in all, quite a range to choose from, however, don’t be overwhelmed with choice! Just let us know what you’d like your bed to look like, and how much you’re able to spend and we’ll give you the best option for your new bed!

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