Why you should choose bespoke furniture

Out of all the carpentry services we provide for our clients in south London, creating bespoke furniture for them is probably our favourite! Not only does each job provide its own challenges, and chances to be creative, there’s nothing like the smile on our clients’ faces when they see their amazing, new, unique addition to their home! While many people go down the route of visiting Ikea and doing a big shop once every 6 months, we believe custom built furniture will always win out against throw-away consumerist items, and here’s just a few reasons why!

1 – Unique, perfect furniture

Every piece of custom-built wooden furniture we make in south London is built from scratch exactly to our client’s needs! If you want a chair that moulds perfectly to your body and helps prevent slouching and bad sitting habits, our chairs will do that! If you have an amazing idea for a storage solution in your home, such as specially designed shelving, or a hidden closet or chest of drawers then we can help with that too!

You’ll also have the joy of knowing no-one else has quite the same pieces you do in your home. Your rooms will stand out from the crowd with your own, individual style and make you fall in love with it even more!

2 – Quality

While we’re upfront about the fact our bespoke furniture in south London costs more than store bought, rather than use cheap, low-quality wood that breaks quickly, doesn’t quite sit evenly or stains very easily, every piece of furniture we build is built to last, and age well!

We create furniture in south London to last as long as their owners and designed to be passed down the generations so their children, grand-children and hopefully more can enjoy the fruits of our labour. This means while our service may be more expensive than store-bought furniture, as you won’t have to replace our furniture every couple of years you save much more in the long-run!

3 – Filling awkward spaces well

If your room has odd alcoves, spaces that won’t fit a regular desk and chair or it has a sloping ceiling – such as in a Velux loft conversions, then we can build furniture that fits! we can come to your space, take measurements and figure out exactly how to fit what you need into the space you have! This is a great help to our clients that want to build home offices in small spaces, such as an under-stairs cupboard or build a semi-permanent alcove in their living room for it.

We also know how to utilise odd spaces well, for example if you have a few inches of wall jutting out and want a bed for the room, we can build one that sits flush against the jut, with a flat surface that covers the wall behind with shelving, giving you extra storage space at the same time as making your room look much neater!

4 – Aftercare

Like any good carpentry company in south London, we make sure that after we’ve built your furniture and delivered it to you, after a few weeks of use, we’ll ask you how you’re finding it! If you have any questions or comments then we’ll help to answer them, and if you have any concerns or troubles with your new furniture, we’ll do what we can to help fix the problems!

This is definitely not an exhaustive list and doesn’t cover the moral aspects of buying locally, the sustainability our company provides the environment or reproduction services. We do hope though that this has already been enough to convince you to get in touch with us about our bespoke furniture services in south London!

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