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Our team of carpentry experts based in South London can perform any kind of shuttering or framework services you need! Not only are we professional, timely and easy to work with, we focus on providing value-for-money with every client we work with! We provide shuttering and framework for the construction industry, and DIY hobbyists, so no matter how small or large your job is, get in touch with us to help you out!

We’ve worked with many clients around South London, both commercial and residential and all of them have been left very happy with our service!

What is shuttering and framework?

The main use of shuttering and framework is to keep concrete into certain areas when it is poured. Shuttering is the name used for containing small amounts of concrete, for perhaps a new room, a shed, a concrete garden path or small house. Framework is the term used for larger constructions such as multiple properties, laying foundations for a large skyscraper or a large shopping centre.

I want to build a shed, how would South London Carpenters do shuttering work for it?

The first thing we’d do is speak to you about the dimensions of your shed, what you’re most likely to use it for, whether you want under-floor heating and what materials you’ll be flooring the shed with, or if you’ll be using the concrete base as the floor. All these questions are very important because all of these answers help inform exactly where the concrete will go, how high, whether we should leave openings for wiring, heating etc.

After this consultation, we will start to cut the wooden plans for the shuttering work. It’s a common misconception that shuttering is as simple as putting even planks down and pouring the concrete. There are a few things we bear in mind; if you want steps, then we would have to create layers for those steps, which means the concrete would have to be poured in stages. Also, when we do use planks, we always cut them to the same level as the surrounding paving or flooring, this way when the concrete is poured, the top of it ends up flush with the current paving laid down. This way you get an even surface, even with a new build!

Once the concrete is poured, it will then start to dry and cure. We tend to take away the wooden planks before it has cured and dried completely, as we believe it leads to a stronger slab when the entire surface area cures at the same time.

What if I need some framework or formwork done?

Our exact process would depend much more on what the requirements for your job are, but it’s safe to say that generally, we once again brace the area that concrete will be poured into to contain it to certain areas. Then once it has been poured we will generally take away the wooden framework (though with certain jobs it would be beneficial to leave it in).

There are actually more types of framework and formwork than you would guess, however the scope of that information is too large for this page, we may very well do a blog post on it in the future though!

Why should I hire South London Carpenters for my shuttering and framework?

We believe we have the experience, efficiency and professionalism to do a great job everytime. We have many satisfied customers and people who would recommend us after the great job we’ve done for them, and we also think we are great value for money! We want to do the best job we can in the community and that affects every part of our service.

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