Rough Carpentry in London

Our team of carpenters can do rough carpentry all over south London. We’ve worked with DIYers and hobbyists & building companies and tradesmen, so no job is too big or small for us! We endeavour to give the best service possible to our customers, so we aim to be professional, great value-for-money and as efficient as possible.

What is rough carpentry?

Rough carpentry is roughly(!) when carpenters create temporary supporting and structures for others to use to create permanent structures and buildings. Another name for this service is “framing”. This service is one of the most important elements in building work, and the most important in the structural development of it. That’s because this framing becomes the internal structure of the building that other elements are built around.

Our carpenters will work to your instructions and/or architectural drawings to build a support system for the structure. First we’ll cut lumber to create the subfloor and walls, then add anchors in order to keep the framing stable. We’ll then measure and attach studs for doors and window spaces in order to mark where these will be. Next we’ll create joists for the ceiling. These will serve to both provide the surface on which the ceiling will be placed & they become the ties and anchors for rafters to prevent them from sagging.

Our next task would be to add trusses for the roof. These serve much the same purpose as ceiling joists, in that they create a surface for and support the roof, they are much strong than joists however, due to the added weight they need to support. We would also use special techniques if required to create a more complex shape such as arches, columns and roofs with complex shapes.

As rough carpentry of course deals with the process of creating new buildings, this means that all of our work must be strictly in line with building codes and rulings. Fortunately, our rough carpenters are well-versed in building codes in South London and work strictly to these rules. Our carpenters are well-trained and experienced in the rough carpentry trade and have built many small and large projects all over the south of the city.

Do I need rough carpentry?

In most cases of redecorating your home or premises, you won’t need rough carpentry, however, if you’re planning to create structural changes such as new walls, ceilings, extensions or anything that needs time to set or will support weight, then you will need rough carpentry.

If you contact us today and let us know what your project is, we can give you free advice about whether you need one of our rough carpenters or not!

How much does rough carpentry cost?

This largely depends on the size and complexity of the service you need, but a good average is £800-£1500 for a single self-contained room, all the way up to around £20,000 for an average four-bedroom house.
Again, contact us with your requirements and we can give you a free quote and some advice about what your best options are!

Why should I hire South London Carpenters?

We believe our mixture of training, experience, professionalism, value-giving attitude and understanding makes us one of the best teams of carpenters in the country. We try our hardest to make sure every customer we work with is incredibly happy with our service and would recommend us to their friends at the drop of a hat. Due to this we have many clients that always turn to us first when they need a job doing and we build lasting relationships around the area.

We never over-charge for a job and there are no hidden costs. Our upfront quote is what you will pay and we can guarantee that!

South London Carpenters - Rough Carpentry
South London Carpenters - Rough Carpentry