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​One of the most popular requested services in the Surrey, Merton, Wimbledon and Epsom surrounding areas for South London Carpenters is Roof Tiling or Roofers. This is a service that we provide here at South London Carpenters, and we believe we are the best in the area at roofing too. Not only will we ensure that the whole process will go as smoothly and quickly as possible, the job will be of the highest quality and we will ensure because of our customer service training and experience, we will make the process as easy and the least stressful possible for you.

We provide this service for our customers in Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon, Morden, Merton, Fulham, Surrey, Wandsworth, Purley and anywhere else in South London!

We have experts in roofing and our roofers can provide a top-quality service to you, but the first thing you need to be aware of is the different types of roofing tiles to you. We can install and of these types of roofing tiles for you and make sure that each tile receives the best possible service and care.

Clay Tile: The first type of roofing tile that you can have installed for your property is a clay tile. Not only are there an extensive range of clay tiles from plain and interlocking to colour and texture options, but quite frankly they are one of the best materials you can use. They are great for responsible sourcing of construction materials, and they can range from premium tiling that are handmade or ordinary, large format clay which can interlock between each other. The one thing that is understated about the clay tiles available is that they are very customisable, and you can get a wide range of colours and profiles in the UK too.

Fibre Cement Slates: There is such a wide array of styles and materials that can be used for fibre cement roofing slates. They can be the eco-friendliest material of all slates and tiles, as they can achieve all the way up to an A+ in the BRE Green Guide. They provide many environmental benefits which do make these a very attractive option among most, and there are a few different design types for these also. Not just the original slate tile design, but also more modern slab types for both the roof and sides of your building property.

Concrete Tiles: Concrete tiles can be some of the more stunning and beautiful looking tiles for a roofer to install. They can also look very clean and sleek for your property. Another thing that is overlooked when it comes to concrete tiles is just how great they look and feel as well as how durable they are against other weather conditions. They are very durable to natural effects, and can last for a good amount of time.

Shingles: Although it shares its name with a disease, there is nothing unhygienic about shingles. They look wonderful if you love rustic designs, and they can be used for a very large amount of structures and properties. They can be used for anything between home properties to theme parks.

Profiled Sheeting: These are considered the least aesthetically pleasing of all materials that are available, but they are often used for commercial sheeting as opposed to domestic. Profiled Sheeting is simple carefully developed fibre cement and they can be used for a variety of needs for buildings. Usually, it is designed to aesthetically please buildings in a farming landscape or even manufacturing buildings. But there are practical needs for using these materials. They can be incredibly environmentally friendly and can achieve A+ and A ratings in the green guide and are also very cost-effective when considering weather proofing materials. They also do not rust like ordinary metallic sheeting may do, and can even insulate heat and noise in properties. They are also very low maintenance materials. They should be considered for more commercial properties.

When considering what type of tiling you would like to use for your properties, you can also consider the types of accessories that are available for roofing tiles also. You can get a variety of underlays for your roofing tiles, some of which are ideal for insulating heat and noise. In the same vein, you can get dry fixes and ventilation accessories for your roof also, and if you are replacing your tiles or simply adding some, these accessories should also be considered. Depending on the type of tiles you want to go for, you can also find tile fittings which are customisable to you. You can find plain fittings and you can also find interlocking fittings also. This is where it comes down to preference since we can install all types of tiles for you.

Make sure you know exactly what materials and accessories you would like us to install for you, and we will ensure that you receive the best possible service provided by South London Carpenters. If you are in the areas of Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon, Morden, Merton, Fulham, Surrey, Wandsworth, Purley or elsewhere in South London and you prefer a first class, high quality service then please do get into contact with us!

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