Model Building in London

Our carpentry team can make models of any type for any purpose, with our most popular types being architectural models, recreational models and decorative models. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy great design, without a great cost, and we endeavour to please every one of our model building clients. We’ve been building models for years and have a great deal of experience with most types. If you’re in doubt, just ask and we can answer any question you have!

Architectural Models

The team here at South London Carpenters have a history of making beautiful, architecturally sound and exactly detailed models. These models can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Sketch models which provide architects with a real-world look at their future projects to help them finalise any details once seeing a scale model of the building, enabling them to see how the building would fit into a larger diorama and allowing an entire team to meet around the model and discuss it.
  • Helping councils, urban planners, property developers and civil developers take a look at an entire plan of a new area or area brought forward for regeneration, as well as allowing several disparate groups in the process to meet around it and discuss any specialised issues.
  • Selling a final design to property developers, local governments, investors or anyone else interested in architectural designs. It’s much more difficult to sell them on a 3D model in CAD than it is to give them something tangible that they can feel in front of them.
  • Presentation or show models for displaying in public spaces, museums, reception areas or events. These can be used to create a replica of a historical building - a model house, create public awareness of a new project, as a teaching tool, as decoration or any number of uses where a real architectural model would be of use.

We make sure to take care of the basics with every model we make; the size and scale of the model, following the architectural requirements and design, the materials used in its’ construction - no point using metal for a wooden building! - and the display and sturdiness of it depending on what it will be used for.

We also take care of the more detailed aspects of each model such as transporting it to your location, how to deconstruct it (if required) in a renewable fashion, beautification and scenic elements in the model (if required) and any other specific requirements you need.

We realise that architectural model building can be quite expensive, so we aim to keep the cost as low as possible while providing as much value to you as possible. We are constantly trying to improve our service to you, and this is just one of the many ways we do it! If you’d like to talk to us about building an architectural model for you, fill in the form on the right to get in touch!

Recreational Models

These are models that we tend to create for individuals rather than companies. The models range from specifically designed chess sets with intricate models, to war-gaming dioramas and anything else in-between that our clients can think of! As long as it’s buildable to scale, we can build it! We’ve also created bespoke toys, doll houses and similar things for some of our clients that wanted to treat their children.

We pride ourselves on making sure that whatever we create for our clients is exactly to their specifications, as intricate and beautiful as they can imagine it and great enough to show off to anyone they can find! If you think your idea might be too difficult for us to build, then get in touch to find out; though we relish good modelling challenges! We also don’t believe in charging a fortune for your work. We are a small company and put the challenge of carpentry and building a satisfied customer base before exploitative profits!

Get in touch with us today with the form on the right if you want us to build you a recreational model!


Decorative models

Similar to the recreational models above, our decorative models are usually built for individuals, often high-level executives as centrepieces for their office or decoration for their empty spaces, home-owners wanting to beautify their living space and add character to their rooms, and public organisations wanting to add to their collections and engage the public with art.

All of our decorative models are made to spec. We’ll have an initial meeting with you to talk about what exactly you have in mind for your piece, or pieces, we’ll tell you how realistic the vision is, how long it will take and exactly how we can help bring it to life, as well as a quote for the cost. We’ll then go off and do our thing and keep you updated as we build your models. Give it some time and we’ll have your models shipped professionally to your door. Simple as!

If you’re a charity or an organisation for the public benefit, we can also offer a discount on our services; let us know what you do when you get in touch with us and we can discuss options for subsidising the cost of your models!

We’ve done all sorts of models, from high-end, high-spec dioramas, all the way down to small yachts to sit on a home-office desk. We’ve put our all into each item we’ve created, and it comes through when you look or feel any of our pieces of work. Carpentry is our passion and so we do the best job we can every single time, not just to leave our customers happy, but to leave ourselves satisfied that we’ve done our best work on each piece.

We hope if you need a model made, you’ll get in touch with us and give us an opportunity to dazzle you!

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