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With more and more people working from home, part and full time, the need for a home office has increased, especially since the internet was created. Whether you already have a home office or have allocated a room, spare cupboard or part of another room to be your new working space, you will want home office furniture that meets the specifications of both the room and your individual needs. Our bespoke home office furniture in South London is made to fit the room you want it installed in, rather than you are looking for a way to cram everything you need onto/into ill-fitting furniture. We provide this service everywhere in South London such as ​Merton, Wandsworth, Purley, Bromley, Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Morden, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon and many more!

Office conversions under stairs

Lots of people utilize the space underneath their stairs to turn it into another room. one popular choice is to turn it into an office, especially when there are no other rooms available. The one thing that can put people off the conversion is the inability to fit standard furniture into the space, which is a problem that can easily be solved with our bespoke home office furniture. You don’t need to worry that the ceiling slopes or that there is no current storage, neither will you have to trawl around shops or the internet for furniture that is close to the size you need. Your bespoke design will take into consideration the size and shape of the home office and create furniture that works around it. Corner shelving and desks that fit into curved areas are not a problem and as they can also have integrated storage, it means that everything you need can be to hand without getting in the way!

De-clutter your office

Most people don’t plan to have a desk that is cluttered, but with all the equipment needed in a home office environment it's something that's not always avoidable. Printers, fax machines and study materials all need to be close by, so that what you need is not all over the house and hard to locate. Hidden storage options in our bespoke home office furniture can give you the storage you need, without making you feel closed in, thus creating a clutter-free working space. Hidden storage is also a great place for keeping your safe or other valuable materials that you would like to keep out of the way of prying eyes, sticky fingers or last-minute visitors.

Turn your alcove into your new office

​You may have tried for years to utilize alcove space by using ill-fitting cabinets, pictures and other home decorating options, but have you ever thought of using the space for your work? Whether you need somewhere for the children to do their homework that isn’t your kitchen table or bring work home occasionally, it’s better to have a set up free from distractions and with storage too! Whether you're a full or part time home worker, our Wimbledon bespoke home office furniture can give you exactly what you need in a space you have never even thought of using.

The corner of your bedroom or living room could be the perfect place to set up your home office, but if you can’t close the door on your office you could very well just hide it with hidden storage. There are so many clever ideas that any space can be transformed, and then in minutes be hidden within stylish home office solutions. If you want Bespoke home office furniture in Merton, Wandsworth, Purley, Bromley, Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Morden, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon or other areas of South London then your search is over.

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