Garage Conversion in London

While we at South London Carpenters offer loft conversions for customers, we have also begun to offer conversions for home owners garages. Often, we are requested by customers in the South London area or areas such as Wimbledon, Surrey, Epsom, Mitcham, Wandsworth, Croydon, Fulham and others to convert their garages for many reasons.

​Some would like to use their garage as a separate room because they are not car owners, while others have a one car garage and need to extend theirs to add additional cars. Whatever you may need your garage converted or extended for, we are more than able to if you have an idea of what you would like us to do and we are able to plan the conversion without restriction.

Is a garage conversion right for me?

The most common reason for us to convert a garage is to fix a spare living space within the home. Many home owners do not use their garage for storing their car, and rather use the drive way or the street parallel. This results in having wasted space within your home, and if you are restricted for space and already have a converted loft then it leaves you with relatively little option.

Many home extensions and additions can be very expensive, especially if you go to a building and construction company. That is why we can offer you that same additional living space for a fraction of the cost and no additional land space. A garage conversion is a perfect solution for living space restrictions, especially if you do not plan on using it.

A garage conversion is also easier than any other type of conversion due to the amount of space that we need to work on. For the most part, the average garage conversion takes 3 weeks, allowing the work to complete relatively quickly.

​The added benefit of a garage conversion is that depending on the original construction, the walls may not be as thick as the rest of the home allowing for easily adjustable spacing. If spacing needs adjusting, then insulation of the garage and thickening of the walls are even easier to ensure that the temperature is controllable.

Want to find out more about garage conversions?

​The relatively small amount of space also means that the conversion itself is easily adjustable and there would be less restriction to work around compared to other conversions such as basements or lofts. As basements and lofts are part of the foundations, extensions will require significant work and require a longer time scale and larger budget in general. With a garage conversion, the overall budget required is much lower as the amount of work is relatively lower to other conversions. Finally, the benefit of converting your loft as opposed to your loft or basement is that if they have both already been converted, this is your final option to creating more home space without having to build an entire home extension.

With garage conversions, you can easily extend the garage itself to fit a second car within your garage. If you already have enough space inside your home for living space and are looking for an extension with your garage to fit your partners or children’s car inside, this is achievable in numerous ways. An extension itself if not restricted by houses on the side is the most practical as it means you can park the cars side by side. If there are width restrictions on the side of the home however, a conversion by extending the length is also possible. This will mean that you would have to park one car behind the other, which is not as practical for the cars itself but much more practical for space.

If you are looking for a garage conversion to add space for a second or third car, or even to add living space within your home in the South London area, then come to South London Carpenters. We have had many experiences with garage conversions in the past, and we will ensure to complete your conversion professionally, responsibly and within budget. So, call us on 02080501401 or fill out the form on the top of the page for a free, non-obligation quote today.

South London Carpenters - Garage Conversion
South London Carpenters - Garage Conversions