Door Framing in London

Here at South London Carpenters, we provide everyone in South London with a professional carpentry service. We have been building and installing door frames for commercial and residential properties for the best part of 20 years, and it has become one of the reasons we are so highly respected within the area. Not only do we take care of all of the preparations such as the measurements of the door frame, but we also make the door frame in our own workshop and can deliver and install it for you. This is a service that has become surprisingly popular over the last few years and we dedicate as much delicacy and professionalism to every project that we undertake.

We provide door frames for customers in all locations and for all purposes. Whether you are building a new property and need to fit frames or you are simply renovating and need to replace older frames, we are more than able to provide for both. Some may even need a new door frame for a commercial property, or need a specific design to be created. Whatever the need and requirements we are more than happy to do so.

Benefits to hiring us for your door framing

We understand that if you are looking to hire someone for your door framing, then you are looking to hire someone that is reliable, professional but before all else, skilled. That is why we promise that not only do we provide the best customer service and the most efficient service when working with us, the most important thing that we do provide is a well-crafted product. We do not just install the door frame for you but we also provide both the materials and the door frame for you to be installed if you need. Since we are a carpentry and joinery company, we have a lot of experience with woodworking, so crafting and installing the door frame is day to day work for us.

Another benefit to working with us is that we can walk you through all of the available options and materials you can and should use for your door framing. What many do not realise is that you need to use fit for purpose lumber if you are installing for the exterior of your home. Since your exterior door is the one that is vulnerable to weather effects of all kinds and animals, they are the ones more likely to degrade over time. When you are looking to install an interior frame, this is a bit different however. Since with the interior doors you do not have to worry about the weather conditions, you are more than able and welcome to purchase lumber based on the way it looks, and in doing so can custom design it to look however you wish.

To make sure that we frame your door to the best possible effect that we can, we ensure that all aspects from the creation to the installation of the door frames are done with both delicacy and efficiency. It is imperative before anything that the measurements for the door framing are correct, and even more so is the important of ensuring that the measurements for the frame itself are correct. If either of these are done improperly, then you will run the risk of creating a structurally weak frame. Sadly, this is a mistake other carpenters have made, but here at South London Carpenters we always test and check our work to make sure such issues do not happen.

Finally, we make sure that all finishing’s to the frame are done to your specification and satisfaction. We can create the frame and install it without adding anything and leaving a bare wooden look if you wish, but we can also add a few finishing’s to it too. This is anything from painting the frame to a colour you would like to adding details or carvings into it too. This is completely up to you, but please let us know if that is what you would like.

If you are looking for a door framing service that will be completed to the best possible quality, then get into contact with us here at South London Carpenters! Just call us at 02080501401 or fill out the contact form and we will contact you with a free quote!

South London Carpenters - Door Framing
South London Carpenters - Door Framing