Built-in Wardrobes in London

​Long gone are the days when people had just one outfit for their Sunday Best and a suit or two for work. Nowadays people own more shoes and clothing than ever before and that goes for children too! Although it’s great having a range of clothes to choose from, it can be frustrating when you should store the items in different places and even different rooms, but our bespoke built-in wardrobes in South London change all of that!

Built-in wardrobes, unlike standard storage, take advantage of all available space, including alcoves so that you can have a smooth storage solution that goes from wall to wall. Whether you have traditional or modern décor there are built-in wardrobes to suit all tastes and needs. Ceiling to floor storage is a great way to use all available space without having to have separate units and boxes on the top of them to store accessories. This is a service we provide in Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Morden, Merton, Wandsworth, Purley, Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon and many other areas of South London.

With a Bespoke built-in wardrobe you could make additional space for the clothing of a growing family or just make more room for your shopping trips. These excellent storage solutions are built around your needs, so that you can have everything just where you want it. If like many you have looked at standard wardrobes and have been disappointed to find they are either too big for the area you want them in or too small so they leave difficult to clean gaps, then having built-in wardrobes can eliminate this. You also won’t need to find a long object to retrieve items that have fallen from the top of your wardrobe!

Even odd shaped rooms can be fitted with built-in wardrobes, so the smallest of apartments, big cupboards and other rooms that have been turned into bedrooms can benefit from useful storage solutions that look great too! There are a range of materials and even mirrored wardrobes so you will not need separate mirrors and they will be big enough to see how you look from head to toe!

Separate storage for shoes can also be added so that you no longer should dig your shoes out of a pile at the bottom of the wardrobe. Our South London bespoke built-in wardrobes have long been a popular way to solve storage problems even in places where it once seemed impossible. A designer will help guide you through your options to ensure you have somewhere to put all your belongings and, most importantly, in an organized fashion, so they are easy enough to find.

Customers from all areas of South London including Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Morden, Merton, Wandsworth, Purley, Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon and others have been benefiting from made to measure built in wardrobes from the biggest of houses to the smallest of flats. With the help of our specialist team you can even choose to have hidden storage which allows you to keep your clothes and shoes out of sight until you need them! Open the doors and you have storage fit for royalty!

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