Bespoke Furniture in London

Houses, flats and other buildings in South London are all made in different ways and less is more for most modern homes. To keep a home free of clutter but full of all the things you want and need, storage is a necessity, which is why Bespoke furniture is ideal. The furniture is made and fitted around your home, rather than being the other way around, saving you the bother of going from one store to another finding something that suits your home perfectly.

We provide this for our customers in the areas of Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Wandsworth, Purley, Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon, Morden, Merton and many others. Check our service page or call us to find out if we can help you today!

Excellent for smaller homes and flats

If you live in a flat or smaller home, then the room shapes may be different to those in older homes, making it difficult to find shelving, wardrobes, cabinets and other types of storage that suit you.  Our Bespoke designed furniture in South London comes in many shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of properties. Whether your property is huge and you want shelving for the whole wall, an odd shape where standard furniture just wouldn’t look right or so small that adding storage is going to take up floor space, if you choose our bespoke service, we will be able to meet your needs.

Hidden storage options

Whether in the home or business environment not everyone wants the things they store to be on show, which is where our bespoke hidden storage options come in handy. They allow you to utilize space that you may not have even though viable, to create a space to keep items out of sight, except when you need them. Whether you have a huge shoe collection and are sick of tripping over them or a kitchen with lots of appliances and utensils you want out of sight unless in use, we will design you a solution.

Bedroom storage solutions

Bedrooms are a place you may not have thought of having custom made Bespoke furniture, however, fitting more storage or even bed space into an odd shaped room is possible! Our bespoke bedroom designs have many solutions that will allow you to adapt your home for new family members, a more open planned space without throwing away prized possessions, or even collections.  Unlike standard furniture, bespoke can be made to fit around the rooms' shape, no matter how unique it may seem. Take a shelf or cabinet for example, that will usually only fit against a flat wall or a small room that needs to accommodate an extra child. Our Bespoke designs will help you to utilize your space in a way that suits you and your home without having to compromise on style.

Hide unsightly furniture gaps

You don’t have to worry about gaps in furniture and finding something that will fill the void, you could choose a cabinet or shelving item that will go right around the room for a large collection or along the whole wall. Our Bespoke carpentry specialists will be able to solve the age-old problem of furnishing, whatever style home you have, and all the furniture is made to the highest standards with high quality materials so that you can use and enjoy them for decades.

Add value to your home

If you are looking to sell a home in Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Wandsworth, Purley, Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon, Morden, Merton or another area of South London, storage is something that is desirable to all potential buyers and will add value to your home. If the cupboard is just not big enough, the walls are looking empty or you just want a solution that suits you, then bespoke furniture can make your dreams of clutter-free, stylish, or invisible storage possible.

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South London Carpenters - Bespoke home furniture
South London Carpenters - Bespoke Furniture