About South London Carpenters

We believe that every space should look amazing, and that to do so, wood fittings and furnishings are the best ways to decorate a space. Just think of that warm feeling you have when you see a dark oak floor or desk. Not only does wood look great, but it's a completely natural material, lasts for many years and lives and breathes with you. This makes us proud as London carpenters.

We also know that woodwork is incredibly important in almost all kinds of construction, it's used as a structure and base for most extensions, conversions, roofs, walls and windows (framework). It's used to keep poured concrete into containers to form a base for buildings (shuttering), as support for roofs and the roof tiling itself in some cases!

We also perform more detailed work such as building scale models of buildings, property developments, and entire areas. We build beds that are beautiful, stand the test of time and don't cost the earth! Lastly, we as London carpenters perform rough carpentry, which is building wooden structures to support things such as sewer and bridge supports, billboard signs, scaffolds and the like.

We provide our services across South London all the way out to the suburbs: from Bookcase design in Surrey to refurbishment in Brixton, furniture building in Wimbledon to office design in Vauxhall. Call us on 020 8050 1401 to find out more, or fill in the form to the left! We are the best London carpenters, and we would be glad to help you, as we are the best carpentery team London has to offer.

We are well-known for not only being expert craftsmen, working with high quality materials, but also offer an exemplary service, combined with value for money carpentry.

Our Master Carpenter will provide a free estimate for your carpentry needs, you can chat with us about exactly what you'd like us to do and make a decision from there for no cost!

We are South London's best Carpenters and Joiners.

You can also be assured that as we London carpenters work with wood, we are as green as can be! We use natural sources from reforested areas wherever possible and respect the natural and local environment, with both our methods of building and leaving your space clean, tidy and recycling as much used material as possible.

South London Carpenters - Home Office Bespoke Furniture
South London Carpenters - Joinery

Joinery is the shaping of wood for whatever purpose you need. It involves the building of anything wooden for your home or office. This can include doors and window frames, bookcases, wardrobes, staircases, wood furniture, conservatories & architectural fittings including skirting boards, timber frame buildings and shop fitting among other things. We can complete this to your complete satisfaction as we are the best carpenters London offer!

Carpentry is the installation and maintenance of anything created by a joiner, as well as the building of anything on-site for structural purposes, such as joisted floors. London carpenters are also the ones that normally appear at your door when you have a wood-related emergency!

How do we compare to other carpenters in South London?

While much of our competition are good companies, we pride ourselves on not only having the best technical skill with wood in our area, we also provide the best bespoke service possible. We will always try and exceed your expectations when it comes to design work and give you something not only unique, but tailored to your tastes too!

Our London carpenters will always be available over the phone for you to get in touch, so you'll have peace of mind about any jobs you ask us to do.

Also, as we are a local, family-run London carpenters business you can be safe in the knowledge your money is going back into the local economy!

Domestic Carpentry Services

Our Domestic Carpentry services include designed and built items for your home such as Bespoke beds, bookcases, wardrobes & cabinets, flooring, doors, desks, shelving, skirting boards, drawers, basically anything made of you wood you can see in your home!

We can also design and build new bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, conservatories, sheds, bay windows or even balconies for your home. We're pretty sure you can't find a job too big for us!

We'll have a look at your home and design items for you that not only match your standards and vision, but also work with the feel you're going for in your home so that nothing looks out of place.

We'll take care of all protective and aesthetic measures for your items, such as coating, varnishing, staining, vinyl coverings, even re-painting of wood.

We also perform wood replacement services, for rotten or mouldy wood. If you have an emergency, let us know and we'll get back to you within 2-3 hours. We are the best carpenters London have, and we take our customer service very seriously.

Commercial Carpentry Services

Our Commercial Carpentry services cover a wide range of areas, from desk design, to shop signs, office flooring to roofing. Whenever we design and build for some commercial premises, we make sure the design is bespoke, and keeps a sense of unity with your brand and the surroundings. Whether that's keeping your office space looking uniform, or making your flower displays draw attention to the flowers and not the shelves, our London carpenters can make your space look amazing!

We abide by all health and safety policies with our builds, fire-proof wherever possible, and always work within tight and strict deadlines which is why we are the best carpenters London offer.

How about an example of our office design process?

As an example, when you first contact us, we'll meet with you on-site and ask you several questions to get a feel for the service we can provide you. We'll ask if you only need our high-quality woodwork service for say, Oak Flooring, or a Beech Desk. Or if you'd like us to design the entire office space, including the skirting boards, doors and frames and cabinetry.

We'll head back to the shop, draw up some designs for you based on the details you've given us and we'll see if they match your vision!

From there, our London carpenters will source the wood, build the fittings in our shop, and install from there. Every step of the way we'll stay in touch with you and let you know how things are moving so you know that we're doing the best job we can and we'll work with you to ensure your spaces turn out exactly how you envisioned them!

What services do we provide our customers with?

We provide our customers with many different services that you would expect from a Carpenter with as much experience and knowledge as us. We have provided carpentry services for the area of Merton and Merton, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Morden, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon, Purley, Bromley and other surrounding areas for many years now, and it has allowed us to really master our crafts.

Loft Conversions are one of the services that our London carpenters provide. We understand that there are many out there who need their lofts worked on in some kind, which can be anything from a simple conversion to an extension or even insulation. We have converted many lofts, sometimes from designs given to us by customers and even at times by designing the loft for our customers and creating them. Either way, whatever you would like us to do to convert your loft our London carpenters can do so.

We also offer a Joinery service for our customers, which is something that we have provided our customers for many years now. Our London carpenters are artisans and we are very skilled at wood working, being able to create anything that you may like us to create. This can include anything from custom furniture to door frames and birdhouses. Just let us know and we can provide you an estimation!

We have also created many customers Home Office Furniture throughout the years, whether this is done for a newly converted home office or for a part of your living room devoted to work. We understand that different people have different needs so no job is too unique or difficult for us. Whether you know that you would like us to create or you would like us to come up with a design, we can do so and also provide the materials.

Another service that we have become proficient at are Built-in Wardrobes since we have created many for customers in many different parts of the house. We can create built-in wardrobes for anyone no matter what the size you would like us to create or where in your home you would like us to create them. We can provide pre-made designs or some that are specific to you, but generally we just need to know the specifications which you would like and how you would like to see it, and we will do that for you as we are the best carpenters London offer!

Bespoke Furniture is another service we provide with some of our Joinery and Carpentry skills. Since we have designed and created so many different home additions, we have started to offer bespoke furniture as a separate service. Since there are such a large variety of materials that you could use with colour schemes to match, and even so many different design options, it is easier for us to listen to your needs. Many customers also like to use this service if they are moving into a new home or need a loft conversion done. We have experienced carpenters London thrive on, and they are very skilled in furniture creation.

A very useful service that we also provide is Roof Tiling. Especially if done before the winter, roof tiling is very helpful to keep the structural integrity to your home. Otherwise you may run the risk of property damage or even leaks and flooding with in your home once the rain arrives. A lack of roof riling or damaged roof tiles will also just be asking for mould and other damages that can significantly harm your property and its value, so we recommend all customers have their roof tiled without damages.

Wooden Beds is a very bespoke service we have begun to offer since offering bespoke furniture. Since so many asked us to create new beds for themselves or their children, we have begun to offer it as a separate service. Our London carpenters can provide you quotes and estimates if you have designs at the ready, otherwise we can also design the beds to match the colour scheme of the rooms they are going inside and more. We are also able to create details onto the bedroom and some would even like us to carve your names into the bed! Whatever you would like, just let us know beforehand!

Model Building is a very high-ticket item that we offer to some customers also. Whether you would like us to create a model of a building that is very important to you, or create a model building for architectural reasons, we are able to do both for a very competitive price. We understand that with many this is a very expensive venture, but we offer low-costs for high quality services.

Shuttering is another service we provide our customers. If you need your shuttering done, or need us to complete your framework then just let us know and we will be able to give you some more information on an estimation.

We can also create custom built Wooden Flooring or simply complete the wooden flooring in your property if you would need us to. We can create custom built wooden flooring out of whatever materials and colours that you would like us to and install the flooring, or just simply lay the wooden flooring that you would like us to complete for you while also ensuring that your home suffers from no property damage like others may.

Rough Carpentry is one of the other services that we provide to customers. For those who are unaware of what rough carpentry is, the other term to call it is creating the framework for a structure or design of a building. We are the best carpenters London offer, and we have great rough carpenters!

If you are in the Merton area or the surrounding areas of Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Epsom, Mitcham or others and need any of these services completed then just fill out the form at the top

Here at South London Carpenters, we are someone you can rely on whether it is a big job such as a loft conversion, built-in wardrobe, home office furniture and model building or a small job such as wooden flooring, door framing, shuttering, joinery or even rough carpentry. Our London carpenters are always on the cutting edge of innovative techniques and technology and our aim as a company is to strive to be the best in all services that we offer and all projects that we take.

We are also cost-effective compared to other carpenters in the area due to the local sourcing of materials and production. Since we are South London born and bred, we ensure that all profits we make go right back into the local economy. We source our materials from local suppliers and we ensure that all materials we use are not wasted and are environmentally friendly.

We understand you may already have a carpenter who you trust, but we can assure you that our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy carpentry and joinery company was well earned. We have been serving the local community for the last 30+ years and to us, our customers are just as much of our family as our own London carpenters. We provide our services for several areas such as Wimbledon, Merton, Epsom, Mitcham, Wandsworth, Vauxhall, Fulham and South London all the way to Surrey and Croydon.

We also make sure that our carpenters and joiners are constantly learning new things and are honing their skills. A carpenter is only as good as their skills, and the skills our carpenters learn ensure they can use those tools to the efficiency they were created for.

Our carpenters and joiners have contributed much to the communities in South London out of charity and goodwill over the years. In Wimbledon, we created several school desks and chairs for primary schools near the Broadway and we have donated picnic tables and benches to nearby parks. In Wandsworth, we also gave away the same resources and products to the local parks for children. That is why we are the best carpenters London offer!

In the Merton area, we have made a pledge for every year that we remain in active business we will give away benches dedicated to local heroes or people of note in parks and other public places. Within the Vauxhall area we have also given away furniture in the name of LGBT rights. In the Surrey area, we have given impoverished families furniture that our carpenters handmade themselves.

Although these are only small things that may not make much difference to most, we personally feel as if we should continue to pay our gratitude forward towards others that are not able to afford these privileges.

Apart from our charitable contributions, we have also provided contributions via our carpenter’s quality in services. We have such confidence in our carpenter’s ability to not only outshine the competition of other carpenter services in the area, but we believe that our carpentry services are longer lasting than others. Since we use renewable and green resources, many of the products that we make in store last for a variety of years longer than most of our competition. The carpenter who create this furniture has also garnered years of experience and training to ensure that creates with the best possible quality, which also benefits all crafts that leave the store. This is universally true for all our services despite if you are looking for bespoke furniture or a built-in wardrobe. We are the best carpenters London offer, and we will make sure every job we complete is the best you will see!

Finally, as a responsible and reliable company we also ensure that for every project that we complete, funds will be sourced back into the local economy through the purchase of renewable materials with South London suppliers, or even through the distribution of our charity. This is something that remains close to our London carpenters hearts, and if you are looking for a carpenter that you know you can trust in Merton, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Fulham, Surrey, Morden, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon, Purley, Bromley or anywhere in South London then you have come to the right place! So, call us today on 02080501401!

Here at South London Carpenters, along with our carpentry and joinery work we are also able to perform larger and more complex services for our customers. As we believe we are the best carpenters South London offer, we have become experienced and specialised in many different wood-working services. Loft and garage conversions are just one of the additional services we have begun to offer. With a loft conversion, most of the conversion itself is woodworking. Along with the insulation, plumbing and electrics for which we hire specific tradesmen who we know are experiences and comfortable working on a loft conversion, we have become incredibly experienced with the boarding and construction face of the conversion itself. The same is also said of a garage conversion, which is a less complex form of conversion to a loft conversion.

A loft or garage conversion is a great way to create additional living space without having to extend your home outwards or upwards. With a carpentry service, you can also imagine the prices will generally be cheaper since we are already in possession of the wooden materials necessary for parts of the construction. With other companies, you would be required to directly order the materials from elsewhere delaying the process and meaning that you would have to pay extra for the purchase and delivery. This is one of the benefits to using us. Another benefit is that as a company experienced with joinery and woodworking, the loft conversion itself will be of the highest standards.

Carpenters London

With a garage conversion, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you begin the project. For example, if you are planning on turning your garage into a hobby room that you will be relatively noisy in, you will need to make sure noise insulation is an option and effectively done. If you would like to turn your garage into a bedroom, then you would also need to ensure your garage is large enough. Likewise, if you are going to convert your loft with the idea of creating a home cinema, then you would also need to make sure the size restrictions do not harm your vision.

Luckily, the only restrictions to what you can turn your loft or garage into is the size and budget restrictions of the project. It is difficult to extend the overall size of the garage without having to apply for planning permission, while with a loft conversion you can extend the loft somewhat before have to apply. This is due to the Permitted Development act, and if you can maximise your loft space with a hip to gable before a dormer loft conversion, then you are able to essentially gain almost an extra floor of living space within your home for a fraction of the price it would otherwise cost. You should ensure that any room designs you have in mind are able to fit within the size restrictions that would be in place once the conversion itself is completed.

As a carpenter and joinery company, our London carpenters consistently work to improve our own skills and are constantly trying to learn more about the trade We believe that the more we know about the increasingly innovative techniques of joinery, carpentry and even conversions the better we can service you as a customer. Here a South London Carpenters, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us. That is why we will ensure to always thrive to be the best carpenters South London as to offer.

If you are looking for a garage conversion, loft conversion or any other carpentry or joinery service such as shuttering, framework and others, then contact us today. Our London carpenters service customers in Merton, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Epsom, Mitcham, Croydon, Fulham, Surrey, Morden, Croydon, Sutton, Coulsdon, Purley and Bromley and many other areas of South London. Call us today on 02080501401 or fill out the form on the top of the page for a free, non-obligation quote today.